Stay Relevant with Native Advertising

Non-intrusive advertising that blends in with the surrounding content.

Native ads are designed to match the look, feel, and function of the platform they appear on. Be more natural and less disruptive for a better user experience.

Native Ads - Where Advertising Meets Storytelling

People are more likely to engage with ads that feel like part of the content they are consuming. Platform-specific native ads will blend in and seamlessly integrate with the user's experience.

In-feed ads

Native ads in the user's feed promoted content relevant to their interests.

Content Recommendation Widgets

Suggesting similar or related content at the end of an article or video.

Native Video Ads

Displaying a video ad that is relevant to the content being consumed.

Sponsored Content

Native ads that appear as sponsored posts, articles, or videos on the platform.

Reach Customers
Within Their Journey

Native ads offer a more personal and relevant experience, increasing the chance of conversion.

Customized to fit the Platform

Custom native ad units designed specifically  for the platform's layout and style.

Content Based on Intent

From targeted imagery to personalized messaging,   align with the user's intent and behavior,

Highly Targeted Delivery

Leverage unstructured data to deliver native  ads to the most relevant audiences.

Formats for Every Channel

Native ads are not limited to just one format.  In-article, native search, social media, and more.