Retarget & Re-engage Your Most Valuable Customers With Precise Timing

Convert Lost Users into Active Customers for Continued Growth

Over 70% of users abandon their carts or stop using a platform after initial interaction. With VenziMedia's in-house programmatic buying, buy only high-quality ad impressions to bring back the lost users and increase conversions.

Retarget All Stages of the Customer Life Cycle

Too early, you risk scaring them away; too late, they may be lost forever. Utilizing first-party data and deep auditing, VenziMedia helps you build a comprehensive growth plan with retargeting triggered at the perfect moment.

Churn Prevention and User Loyalty

Keep your brand top of mind and drive repeat engagement with highly relevant retargeting strategies for users at every stage - from the initial acquisition to churned customers.

Dormant User Activation

Revive inactive users by reminding them of your app’s value and incentivizing them to return with targeted retargeting campaigns.

Cart Abandonment Recovery

Recover lost sales and increase revenue by targeting users who have abandoned their carts with enticing offers and reminders to complete their purchases. 

Upsell and Cross-sell

Use data-driven retargeting to drive additional revenue and increase customer lifetime value by upselling or cross-selling products or services.

Maximize ROI with Comprehensive Growth Plans

VenziMedia’s tailored retargeting approach goes beyond traditional methods by incorporating deep links, immersive ad experiences, creative formats, and innovative messaging to drive incremental conversions and ROI.

AI-Powered & Data- Driven

Our in-house data engine is built from the ground up.
The first-party data combined with AI and machine learning,
helps us develop a comprehensive view of your audience, their behaviors, and preferences.

Real-time Access to High-Quality Ad Inventory

Maximize reach, minimize waste. Partnering with top publishers, SSPs, and ad exchanges,  VenziMedia offers real-time access to premium and exclusive ad inventory.

Personalized and Dynamic Creative

Create immersive ad experiences. On top of targeted ad delivery, VenziMedia utilizes personalized creatives based on user data and behaviors. 

Control and Transparency

Better control, better performance. VenziMedia  provides full transparency and control over  your campaigns, ad placements, and  performance data.

Continue driving growth with VenziMedia's retargeting

Don’t let valuable users slip away – retarget and re-engage them with confidence.  Partner with VenziMedia for data-driven, AI-powered retargeting and experience your conversions and revenue growth.