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5 Steps to Solo Travel: A Woman’s Guide to Travel in her Prime….

The book was written by women to help women with solo travel. At the time of the first publication in 1993, this was the first one on “Independent Travel.” This new book on solo travel helps with advanced tools for travel, and new ways to connect with others while on the journey and build bridges to peace in the world.

Readers of this book will include armchair travelers to other planetary adventurers, and the five steps in between. Suggestions to read this will come from children and grandchildren of the travelers to be.

This guide will advance your mind for travel. It will empower you to find places and meet people who are waiting to see you, but you just don’t yet know it. The Five Steps is a concept which has been ‘road tested’ for giving readers a place where they can feel the need to improve their travel skills. They can begin at any step where they feel qualified. What an exciting adventure this is!

Warning: This book will make you want to go places. Do not read it if you plan to stay home.

The image below describes the type of book it is solo travel and user driven.